Results... One click at a time
We provide our Advertising Partners with an all-encompassing, fully outsourced customer generation program.
  • Quality leads direct from sites we build and maintain
  • You pick the targeted traffic that you want to accept
  • Leads are both Real time and Exclusive
  • Multiple price tiers are available
  • Real time tracking with additional SubID tracking
  • Live redirects available
  • No minimum purchase required
  • Industry leading anti-fraud protection
We put our money where our mouth is
Control your advertising spending with true Performance Based Pricing. Only pay when we deliver customers that meet your targeted goals. We use a Cost Per Acquisition or a Cost Per Lead Campaign and we don’t charge by the Impression, Clicks, or email sends.
Advertiser Services

  • ClickMedia designs all site and marketing materials in conjunction with the Advertiser’s targeted goals maintaining strict legal and compliance guidelines.
  • As partners, we work together on evaluating all site content both prior to, and after development.
  • Our Advertisers always have final approval on all content before any live testing occurs with real consumers.

  • ClickMedia develops all aspects of site functionality including site hosting, the consumer experience, data management and delivery.
  • We use the most current web strategies to optimize sites across all media from traditional pc’s to laptops and mobile devices.
  • We ensure the highest quality lead at the best price through ongoing testing and optimization.
  • Our technology platform provides superior lead generation, targeting and capture.

  • ClickMedia utilizes an in-house network and systems administration with a fully redundant infrastructure.
  • Server farm based hosting structure - infinitely scalable per needs
  • Capable of processing thousands of unique visitors and corresponding applications per day

  • ClickMedia promotes our offers to a diverse base of professional publisher partners in order to reach millions of consumers daily.
  • By using the best publishers, our advertisers are able to acquire high quality, high volume leads that meet their targeted goals.
  • Through the use of SubID’s, our advertisers are able to remove the low quality sources of traffic in order to maintain the highest quality leads.

  • ClickMedia continually optimizes site performance, manages all platform development and technology integration on a daily basis.
  • Each publisher is managed daily to increase distribution while improving their lead performance.
  • Advertising partners increase their profitability through a heightened understanding of the consumer experience.
  • We customize real-time reporting to the specific needs of our advertisers.

  • Advertisers are given the opportunity to make changes and provide feedback throughout all steps of the design and implementation process.
  • Sites will never go live until we receive written approval.
  • Traffic is monitored and controlled by our account management team continually.
  • All sites and creatives offer the consumer opt-out services and we also provide updated suppression files to our publishers and monitor their methods and content used for distribution.
  • Consumer data is paramount and is only passed on secure networks. No sensitive data is stored on our servers.